Novel Writing Vs. TV Writing


It’s no secret that I love TV. I love it so much it hurts, and although I’ve wanted to be an author since I was 4, I had a period in college where I thought I wanted to be a sitcom writer.

I realized not long after I graduated that my heart will always be with novels. But after working in TV for a little more than a year I developed a pretty big writing habit that crossed over into my MSs–I can sometimes get too one dimensional and rely on a punny line instead of focusing on the plot and story.

I blame Conan O’Brien. I spent the second half of junior year and all of senior year watching the Late Night writers convene daily to bang out hilarious skits, then when Conan would read the lines at five o’clock to gales of laughter, I assumed it’s all about the one-liner.

Except the thing is, TV writing is visual and, yes, I will say it, EASIER, than novel writing. I don’t get to rely on talented performers delivering my lines–I have to create a person from the ground up, so that if I can manage to sneak in a good one-liner, it makes sense because you’ll feel like you know the person saying it.

All this being said, however, you can take the girl out of TV but you can’t take the TV out of the girl. I still love nothing more than a killer line and an even more killer delivery. By now we all know Friends is my all time favorite show. It has, in my opinion, the best one-liners ever written. Since I’m always doing Friends gifs, today is a small tribute to some amazing lines from another one of my all-time favorite shows, The King of Queens.


Also, everything else Doug Heffernan has ever said. The internet is seriously lacking on Doug Heffernan gifs.

Of course we all love books, but what are some of your favorite TV shows???