One Lovely Blog Award!




I was nominated by the wonderful Chrys Fey and Gina Stoneheart for the One Lovely Blog award/Very Inspiring Blog Award! I’ve seen this done a few different ways so I thought I’d put my own spin on and combine them a bit! Here are some random facts about me and also some things that inspire me:

1. I can’t ride a bike! I simply never learned how 🙁  maybe one day!

2. Donald Trump once walked past me after a Mariah Carey concert in New York City! Actually, it was more like his guards shoved everyone aside to make room for him to walk by… but still, it was cool! For those wondering, he’s very tall, extremely arrogant, and looks like he’s made of wax.

3. .00000000000000000000000000000000

^ ^ ^ I couldn’t think what to write for this one and then Penny jumped in my lap and typed that.. I think this means that she wants me to give a fact about her, so here’s one: Penny has a heart-shaped nose! it’s hard to see in pics, but I’ll post some where you can see the general outline.




Bonus fact: she’s also a very cute sleeper!

4. Reading books by my fav authors inspires me! I tend to get in a rut with reading and there’s many great books I’ve never read. For example, I just started my first John Green book the other night, Paper Towns.

5. TV sitcoms inspire me. The characters, the dialogue, the plots. I usually keep TBS or Nick at Nite on while I’m writing. But I hate reality TV with a passion and refuse to watch it. (though I do love competition shows like American Idol and The Voice)

I tag anyone who’d like to do this 🙂

Do you have a random cool fact about yourself??