Out with the old…

With the weather finally starting to get nicer I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning.

I don’t mind cleaning up, but I typically have to make a massive mess in order to start seeing results. Like when I empty all my drawers out at once and dump the contents on the floor in an overzealous fit of productivity. Then comes that moment when I realize I have to actually sort through everything.


My MS is undergoing a similar experience! Revisions are a lot like spring cleaning. You have to make a huge mess to see any progress. You have to decide what you want to keep, what you want to throw away, or what you want to move to an empty drawer to maybe use again someday.

The way I revise is, I begin a new file where I paste the MS into, and keep the old one open with Carrie’s notes to me. I do one major run-through on my own, spotting all the areas that need the repairs we discussed. Then one revision is just dedicated to implementing her notes. Then I do a few more, and then one run-through just for spelling/grammar checks. Dissecting the entire thing is the most daunting part for me. That beginning/middle period where it’s just a disaster area can make me weep.

Once I get over that hump and start seeing how amazing the changes are making the MS, it gets exciting and spurs me to work harder. So, definitely not unlike actual spring cleaning.

The main trick in both cases is to not overthink what I’m doing. Just dive in and embrace the mess. It will get better!

(oh, if only it were that simple!)

I will be taking a break today, because it’s my mom’s birthday!!! Happy birthday, Mom!!!