I’m normally very upbeat and happy. A big reason for that is because I’ve always had my Pudding by my side.


I got Pudding when I was 10 years old. She was born 11-26-93 and my family and I adopted her 2-25-94.

^^ the morning after we brought her home, right before her first vet visit.

She’s been my world for almost 21 years and this past week she passed. It was FAST which I’m grateful for. I could not have beared it if she dragged it out. She was perky and herself right until the last 4 days. 3.5 years ago she was diagnosed with kidney failure and given a year to live. You never would have known she had a kidney issue until this past week, when she stopped eating. Every day of her life was healthy and filled with tons of love. She was my princess.

^^ me and Pudding on her first birthday.

I slept on the floor with her her last few nights, and on her last night I stayed up with her, comforting her and helping her up and down the bed, and helping her drink her water. Her last morning, she had a seizure, which was terrifying. I hid under a pillow and cried while my mom held her and talked her through it. It was awful saying goodbye but she was so sick that I just wanted her to feel better. She left on 8-8-2014, (World Cat Day, apparently. Irony sucks.)

I feel like my heart was torn from my chest and now I’m just expected to exist somehow. I miss her so much, I’m almost a hundred percent positive I will never ever be happy again.

I may be biased, but she was the most incredibly beautiful, vibrant, and sweetest girl in the world.