Pushing the Limits (Within Reason)

I am so bad at taking risks. SO BAD. This goes for writing, and also life.

I’m trying desperately to take chances and try new things in my current WIP. Know the rules so I can effectively break them and all that. I’m doing better this time than during my last MS. I remember when I first began that draft I was afraid to put my MC in uncomfortable situations. Basically, any time things got the slightest bit tense, I would feel uncomfortable and change it so things were nice and easy for my MC.

It made for some riveting storylines.

Whenever I’m writing I tend to have the “GoodReads Peanut Gallery” (as I like to refer to it) jeering at me in my head, reminding me of all the bad choices I’m making, and pointing out all the things that won’t be perceived well. Basically, I envision all my potentially awful reviews.

This time, I’m making sure to tune all of that out and not overthink.

On a semi-related note, I’ve been seriously contemplating adopting a second cat. It’s something I’ve wanted to do pretty much since right after adopting Penny. I always knew Pudding loved being the only one, but sometimes I think Penny would like a friend. She loves to play, and is always snuggling with stuffed animals.


But my overthinking habit always kicks into high gear. I go on my local shelter’s website a few times a week and look at all the adorable kitties, and all I can do is obsess and worry and overthink to the point where I just never follow through. “What if they hate each other?” “What if they get each other sick?” “What if one bites the other and the cut gets infected?”

Yes, this is where my brain takes me.

I am so envious of people who don’t overthink and just DO.

So do you overthink?? Do you revise to death in your MS and in life??

Also, here’s another new picture of Penny Belle, just because.