Regularly Scheduled Programming

Im a person who likes schedules and routine. I’ve always joked I’m like Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) or more accurately, Monica Gellar (Friends)

After Pudding passed away last week I’ve had a tough time sticking to my normal routine (eating, hydrating, working out–existing) but I am getting back to normal now. I’m really hoping to get back to writing soon. I miss it, so that’s a great sign.

Part of what’s helping me get back to normal is the fact that my family wanted to adopt a shelter kitten. I have ALWAYS wanted to adopt, but Pudding was a spoiled only child in every sense of the word. I didn’t feel ready, but I had little say in the matter lol and besides, when will I ever feel ready? I know that this is not a replacement for Pudding. This new little one helps me feel sane. Playing with her, cuddling with her, and taking care of her is therapeutic.

Meet Penny (full name: Penny Belle).

She spent her life in a cage so she’s in awe of everything.


She LOVES to play. She’s really her own unique personality. I was open to any age cat, but we all fell in love with her instantly. And Penny’s mismatched ears reminded me instantly of Pudding’s mismatched paws so I took this as a sign.


It’s been over 20 years since I’ve had a kitten. One thing I’m not used to is how they get into EVERYTHING. Pudding never really did, so this is pretty new to me. She is a precious little handful. I love it!


I wish I could describe how tiny she is (pics don’t show it!) but she’s 10 weeks and SUPER TINY. She has a heart outline on her nose, and she doesn’t meow yet, she squeaks. Oh, and she doesn’t just run, she flies/tears through the house.

She also has her own little nuances. Penny’s habits are so unique to Penny. For example: she gobbles her food up and then continues to chew once she’s left the eating area. And her favorite post-snack hobby is to sit on a laptop while she chews/swallows/bathes.

This blog post took me FOUR TRIES because she kept deleting it. Proof:

So, I am slowly getting back to normal thanks to Penny. 🙂