Been seeing these great Shelfies on Twitter and around the blogosphere. This is my collection 🙂

Here’s my room:

I keep The Selection series up all the time since they’re so pretty and it’s my favorite series. And the little Horton Hears a Who pocket book came with a perfume gift set years ago. The rest I swap out according to what’s in my TBR pile. When I’ve finished, the book usually winds up in the den.


these are the bookshelves in the den! I love them–they hold a ton and look really nice. (btw: like the ghetto fireplace barricade? That’s there because a certain white kitten has been traipsing in there and getting quite dirty (pics on my twitter of the fireplace exploration aftermath.)


^^^ Right side close up


^^^ Left side close up. Bonus points if you spot Penny! Hint–she seems to like the Harry Potter series.

Have you done a Shelfie yet???