Something happened to me this week that hasn’t happened since December 2012. I got sick!

I don’t do sick.

One thing I found kind of interesting was how quickly I read when I had nothing else to do. I flew through a book in three days.

That may not seem that fast, seeing as I’m a fast reader (used to be where I could get through a book in a day) but since I started writing books, I read very differently. Normally when I read these days I’m also analyzing and studying what the author is doing as I go. So, the better the book, the longer I’ll take. The cycle typically looks something like this:

First 20 pages: Wow. I LOVE this book.—> pages 50-100: How did the author build something so amazing? —> pages 100-200: These characters are REAL PEOPLE. I’ll never write characters this authentic. —> pages 200 onward: What an inspired plot twist! —> I’M INADEQUATE. WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER WRITING ANYWAY? —> I should have been a dentist —> That was the best book I ever read and now I can’t ever read again because nothing will ever compare.

I recently experienced all of these emotions with Huntley Fitzpatrick’s MY LIFE NEXT DOOR, which I’d been seeing floating around the blogosphere for a while. So when Kindle had it for 2.99 a few weeks ago I jumped at the chance. I’m glad I did. This was, hands down, my favorite YA book OF ALL TIME. It was so good that I would actively encourage Kanye West to kick somebody offstage just to pontificate how good it was (though I doubt he reads many YA romance novels. Unless he does as some secret guilty pleasure thing. Which would be awesome. In a weird and creepy way.)

If you haven’t read it: READ IT. THIS INSTANT.