Taking the Walk



Tomorrow is my long-awaited Hanson concert. Usually they take place at New York City venues, and I always worry my makeup won’t last long enough (as I always do for any event longer than a few hours.)

Foundation doesn’t oxidize on me, but obviously it can never look as fresh as it does when I first apply it.

So, being the type of person who likes to have every single thing planned out six years in advance, for the first time I was so happy. It was all working out great. The venue is 15 minutes down the street from me! I know the area well, so I have local restaurants all mapped out! I don’t have to pack too much with me since I won’t be gone the whole day! My makeup will stay fresh all night, because I can apply it at home, an hour before doors open–no touchups!

Then I got the email that Hanson are bringing “Walks” back for this tour. First, I squealed and danced around with excitement. My very first “Walk” with Hanson! 14 year old me, who had to go to massive ampitheaters to see them, would never believe it. If they tried to walk down the street with fans back in 1998, the city would have declared a state of emergency. But–ha!–it’s 2013 now, and no one really knows they exist anymore! A nice, intimate walk with Hanson, and then a great concert. It all seemed like it would work out great.

Then the reality set in: to participate in a Walk that begins at 3PM, I’m going to have to be at the venue about five hours before the show (which is over two hours in itself). Makeup was not built to last that long, despite the empty promises brands tout of “24 hour wear.”

Maybe it’s ridiculous and shallow to get all worked up over silly things, like my outfit and makeup, when this is all about something so meaningful. It’s not really about makeup though; in general I get uptight when things deviate from my schedule.

The Walks began in 2007 when the guys went on their Use Your Sole tour. Basically, it’s a charity started by the guys, and every mile walked raises funds for five different causes creating challenges in Africa. Fans can meet Ike, Tay, and Zac outside the venue, and walk one mile with them before each show on the tour. Walks are registered, and a dollar is donated in our name to the cause of our choice.

I have ALWAYS wanted to Take The Walk. It’s a great charity and a great experience. But I did have to reconsider my carefully laid out plans. Like, does my foundation have a high SPF? (not as high as I normally prefer, but it has some, and the finish is like silk), and, how can I optimize its staying power for the whole day? (I’ll probably just dust some powder on at some point). How will I slather sunscreen on my arms and not get any globs of it on my black top? (still fine-tuning this one). And don’t get me started on the Great Shoe Debacle (solution: Walking in not-very-cute-but-very-comfy shoes, but I’m packing a pair of very cute Gladiator sandals in the car to switch into for the show).

Now that I have it all mapped out according to plan, I can enjoy a fun, meaningful, and very spontaneous day with my favorite band. Good thing I don’t overanalyze and can go with the flow.

This is also a great tutorial on how to make your foundation last: Any other MakeupByAlli fans out there? I don’t think she gets enough YouTube credit. Love her videos and tips.