#TBT: Concert Love

When I began rewriting my book in October one of the main, huge changes was the love interest. I scrapped the last one and created a new, rock-starry one. I always really love having a music element in my writing, since I LOVE going to concerts.

I went to my first concert when I was 13 and have been going to shows pretty steadily since. I haven’t accumulated that many under my belt (probably been to 25ish concerts in total) but I simply love everything about the experience. Well, everything except the next day, when PCD (Post Concert Disorder) sets in. And let me tell you, I SUFFER from PCD horribly. Mine usually lasts about two-ish weeks and it is not pretty. (oh, PCD is a very real thing, people. Don’t believe me? Check This Out)

One scene in my MS has my MC and her love interest attending a concert together. I LOVE this scene since it reminds me of all the shows I’ve been to at Jones Beach. I’ve learned never to get too attached to any one scene in a MS, as it could be changed along the road to pub, BUT I really do love this scene and hope it hangs in there!

For Throwback Thursday, here are some pics of me over the years, in various stages of waiting to see a concert.

Waiting in 2007


oh hey…the night’s over…my makeup is melting off, and I’m falling asleep in the car.

Oh…three hours early to the venue? Let’s go to the Disney Store! Oct 2011

Oct 2011…still too early despite the Disney Store and pizza…


The always appreciated (but often pointless) number system. April 2013


Sept 2013…an optimistic pre-concert selfie. My thought process: “the wait is never THAT bad…my makeup will stay fresh all night! Even my perfectly straightened hair will remain sleek and straight!”


Never mind.


What’s the BEST concert you have ever been to??