#TBT: Dinner Runs

One thing most Conan interns HATED with a passion was the dinner runs, Monday-Thursday. I actually really enjoyed them. Basically, one intern would head up the mission (translation: be in charge of the company credit card) and a group of about four of us would traipse to the restaurant and pick up the MASSIVE order of food.

I liked it because it was basically just taking a walk with friends. A lot of funny stuff would happen, and it was a good time to bond with each other while we waited for the orders.

Also, the restaurants got really hyper about their food being eaten by Conan and team. So they’d be extra nice to us. One restaurant offered us some crazy expensive wine while we waited (which we knew better than to accept!)

The one down side was carrying the stuff back, if the restaurant was within walking distance. If we had to do a pick-up at Bluesmoke or somewhere far, we were allowed to cab it.

Here’s an idea of how much food we were picking up. This is from the last ever staff dinner. It was a Bluesmoke dinner (a staff favorite) and the restaurant surprised us with a chocolate cake that said “Conan Goes Hollywood.”