#TBT: My NEW blog design!

So, for #TBT here’s a flashback to yesterday, when my blog looked like this:


I have decided to conduct a little site makeover (pun intended, duh) and I am SO happy with it now. The URL is going to be changing over soon too.

A huge thank you to my brother, Scott, for always being so quick to help me, despite the fact that web design is now way beneath him. Scott has worked on a TON of different projects for me over the years. When I was in college and had a lot of web and video based classes he basically did my homework for me helped me immensely, and I’ve had a lot of random blogs over the years that he’s built and re-designed each time I’ve changed my mind.

This has gone on almost eight years now. Wow. This probably brings my grand total up to…

Well, that’s not important. What’s important is that I’m his only sister. His only sibling, period. That counts for way more than something as insignificant as money.

I’ll sign a copy of my book for him someday, and write something really nice, like:

Dear Scott,
Best wishes.
Beth Ellyn Summer

I may even throw an acknowledgment into the book too!

So….Call it even? 🙂