#TBT: My Oldest Books

I was thinking about some of my favorite childhood books the other day, and besides the obvious ones (Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley Twins/High, etc) I remembered that some of my all time favorites may actually be the oldest books I own.

My grandma gave me these early (they may even be first!) edition Nancy Drews when I was about eight years old. My grandparents were moving at the time and my grandma knew to send any books she found while packing my way, and I have treasured them since.

I LOVE the Nancy Drew series and I owned pretty much all of them in the nineties with these covers:


But something about owning relics THIS OLD always fascinated me.


I don’t think I ever managed to read The Message in the Hollow Oak without the brittle pages breaking, so I just taped the poor thing up and kept it on the shelf. But the other two are in good condition. And their covers have this awesome fabric-like texture.

The Mystery at Lilac Inn is my all time favorite. I think I read it about eighty-five times. It’s also the oldest of the three.

I’ve got this Louisa May Alcott one too. It’s older than the Nancys, but in way better condition oddly enough.


This one is obviously definitely not a first edition though, since it would have to be from the 1800s for that to be true.


so there you have it! My most prized literary possessions, not b/c they’re valuable (since I highly doubt they are given their state) but just because I LOVE them so so much!