#TBT: Name plates


The graphic department at Conan was responsible for making up the guest’s name plates to be fixed onto their dressing room doors.

One thing that surprised me to learn was that if there was a guest we liked in particular, we could ask the studio Page to put the name plate aside after a show for us to keep.

Above is my little collection. Believe me, there were many others I’d have liked to have, but the bigger the star, the quicker you had to be to nab the plate. I nearly broke a leg falling over myself to get Steve Carell’s and Hugh Laurie’s. And while I was in the elevator holding Hugh Laurie’s name plate, I found out from some segment producers that a lot of upper level staff (including the most upper level you can possibly get) would probably want it if I didn’t hide it once I got back up into the office.

That was the thing about working there–if it wasn’t nailed down, and it was up for grabs, it was gone in the blink of an eye. Needless to say I kept all my SWAG goodies in my handbag, and my handbag glued to my side pretty much everywhere I went.