#TBT: Signed Magazine



Interning was hard, no question. But I’m a quick learner and adjusted fairly easily. One thing I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out was how to answer and transfer calls. I was terrible at it. So I avoided all tasks related to the main office phones, or most of the producers’ assistants’ phones. There was one set of desks I had no problem with–Conan’s assistants’. You’d think those would be the scariest phones to cover, but, miraculously, early in the morning no one ever called–(except Conan himself once, but that was pretty cool). Therefore, I wound up helping his assistants out a lot, since it freaked me out a lot less than answering the pesky office phones.

Since I clocked so many hours with them, I got to know his assistants pretty well, and I asked if it would be possible, for my birthday, to get Conan to sign my copy of Entertainment Weekly. He did!