#TBT: Walker Texas Ranger Lever

Conan’s recurring “Walker Texas Ranger Lever” bit was a classic. If you’re not familiar with it, I suggest watching the above video. It involved Conan pulling a lever and showing a random clip from the show¬†Walker Texas Ranger. It’s not supposed to make an ounce of sense. But every time he pulled that lever and showed a clip with horrible acting and slow-mo fight scenes, the audience went wild. Conan loved it too.

The second to last day of shows, I spent over an hour in the prop room playing with the toys and taking pictures with friends. Sadly, the lever was being used that night and it wasn’t around to play with. The prop master said that it was most likely being packed up immediately after the show that night and shipped to L.A. I was devastated. One of my life goals was to get a picture with that lever.

But then on the very last day, I snuck in the prop room again early in the morning. It was a miracle, but there was the lever. They hadn’t gotten around to packing it up yet. It stood smack in the middle of the floor, all shiny and waiting to be posed with. The prop master knew exactly what I came in for and simply pointed to the lever and said, “knock yourself out.”

So I did. I took so many pictures with that lever. In one I’m even hugging it. I won’t be sharing that. But here’s a normal one.