Terrible Titles Tag!

I was tagged by the awesome Sioux Trett, (if you’re not already reading her blog, well, you should start, because she is awesome…and while you’re there, check out the cover reveal for her novel, Drawn In…it’s seriously such a gorgeous cover. You will just stare and stare in envy, for hours!)

The idea for this tag is to scroll through your MS and randomly stop 8 times, and wherever your cursor lands, those few words are your TERRIBLE TITLES! Simple, right? Let’s see what we come up with in my WIP!

Here we go:

1. Opposite Side of the Love Seat

2. A Plate of Milano Cookies

3. Scuffed Faux Stoop

4. A Pinterest Board Come to Life

5. The Whole Restaurant

6. Table Read

7. Inverted Blonde Bob

8. The Critical Eye.

ha, I think #3 and #4 are my favs. Oh and #7. Have you done this tag? If not and you would like to, consider yourself tagged!

In other news, I’ve been true to my word and have written every single day since the start of the year. Even days when I didn’t feel like writing. You know those days. The ones where all we care about is the end result and we forget to enjoy the journey.

But I’m happy to say I’m pushing through and working on some scene or any part of the MS every day, and I’m happy because I’m making significant progress this way!

How is your writing going so far this year???