Thanksgiving and Food Talk!

So since next week is Thanksgiving and it’s understandably hard to keep our minds on writing, I thought I’d just do a quick post about the holiday!

First up: I’ve mentioned this before, I’m a vegetarian and so is my mom, so my family keeps the day meat-free! It can get a little tricky finding new things to do, but I brainstorm about a month before-hand and try to get inventive.

This year I found this awesome pumpkin pasta recipe I saw on YouTube. We shall see! Of course there’ll be Stovetop stuffing, zucchini, and lots of pie to go with it in case the pasta goes wrong! I get really happy thinking about so much delicious food.

Of course, I always really look forward to it but my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach. I usually only manage to eat about half a plate-full before I cry (carb) uncle…

Okay I kind of lied when I said I wouldn’t talk writing. I do have to mention one thing. I feel as though there aren’t a ton of Thanksgiving scenes in YA books. I don’t know why this is! But if you can think of one please let me know!

Off the top of my head is a fantastic scene in Something Real by Heather Demetrios. The MC Bonnie is one of the stars of her family’s reality show, Bakers Dozen (a take on The Duggers of Nineteen Kids and Counting), and Bonnie and her brother, Benton, HATE being on this show. The crew films their Thanksgiving dinner, and Benton (her cohort in trying to get off the show) decides to have “signals” so his boyfriend knows he’s thinking of him (Benton’s still in the closet.)

Long story short, the dinner is a disaster, the kids’ estranged father shows up to cause a producer-enforced fight with the mom and step-father, and Benton keeps randomly shouting “CANTELOUPE!” because it’s the secret signal for his boyfriend.


I hope everyone has an amazing holiday free of fights and full of food! What is your go-to Thanksgiving food??? (and if you’re from another part of the world, tell me your favorite carb indulgence!!) 🙂


I will see you all after the holiday!!!!!! xoxoxo