That One Time I Wasn’t Invisible

One of my favorite running themes in YA is when a MC feels invisible. It’s relatable to most everyone and definitely me.

When I was in college I didn’t feel invisible–I’m pretty sure I actually was invisible. I wasn’t cool enough, didn’t drive a nice enough car or wear designer enough clothes. Everyone looked right through me. When test papers were being passed out I was always the one person forgotten (I swear this is true. the first time it happened I chalked it up to a fluke–the eighth time I felt like this):

It’s not that I didn’t try hard enough, or get involved, because I did. The college was in one of the richest parts of the island and a large majority of the kids were insanely, shockingly spoiled. Like, get-a-new-BMW-for-every-good-grade spoiled. And I was not worth anyone’s time.

As pathetic as I felt at times, it honestly didn’t bother me too much. I had good friends from my previous college (I transferred to LIU since it was a way better school and the media department was amazing), and my Conan friends. But I still dreaded every day I had to go.

On the flip side, there were plenty of times at Conan I actually wanted to be invisible.

Since I’m all about examples here on the blog, I’ll tell you about one time–the worst time–that I was NOT invisible at Conan.

It was Halloween night 2008, the very week High School Musical 3: Senior Year premiered.

If you followed the movies diligently like me, you knew that the first two HSMs only aired on the Disney channel. Which made #3 a huge deal, since it was the first time HSM would be on the silver screen. This was the final chapter in the Wildcats lives. There was a full trailer and everything.

Needless to say, I was very excited. I couldn’t wait to see where life would take the Wildcats.

Would Troy choose U of A with that basketball scholarship, alongside his best friend Chad? His father certainly hoped so.

What would happen if he won the Juilliard scholarship Ms. Darbus secretly put him in the running for? Or would he choose musical theater at a school closer to Stanford-bound Gabriella?

Would Sharpay reach new levels of spoiled?

I would finally have my answers on Halloween night.

I had plans with my friend to see it and I prayed I could be completely invisible the entire evening at work, lest I get sent to Jersey for a prop (oh, it happened.). All I wanted was to keep a low profile and bust out after taping. I was just cowering on the couch, busy blending in with the wall and praying for the same invisible treatment I received every day at school when it happened.

I was spotted.

Of course this had to be the moment I had a glowing neon sign on me that said “NOTICE ME!”–the moment someone places an order for a personal pan pizza four blocks away and wanted it picked up ASAP.

Long story short, I ran to the restaurant in record time, but the order never went through, so I wound up waiting a half hour while they made the pizza. I ran back to 30 Rock to drop it off, then fled–no, flew–to the theater, elbowing my way through an endless sea of Dorothys and Totos and zombies and princesses. Everyone was walking incredibly slowly in an effort to show off their creative costumes. Then there’s the fact that the city has its stupid giant movie theaters with eighty escalators and I had to run up about 29 of them. It was my worst nightmare come true. You want a spooky, frightening Halloween story? Well, here it is: I missed the opening sequence to High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

I. Missed. The. Opening. Sequence. To. High. School. Musical. 3: Senior Year.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we really could pick and choose when we were invisible??

Has anyone ever made you feel invisible??? Or was there ever a time you wished you were invisible?