The 10 Ways I Procrastinate

I’ve been immersed in revisions on my manuscript these past few weeks. It’s almost more of a rewrite than a revision, but I’m super excited about it. After a great brainstorming session with my awesome agent I dived in head first and already I can see that it is So.Much.Better.

Of course, with revisions comes a million ways for me to put off doing them. Last month I talked about my writing process, but now I’m going to talk about my procrastination process.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they choose to distract themselves. Below is a complete list of what I do to get out of doing something.


1. Catching up on my DVRed Wheel of Fortunes.

Especially when stuff like this happens



2. Food Network.




3. Making a snack since watching Food Network makes me hungry.



4. Twitter. 

Namely, tweeting Food Network talent.









In my defense, I heard a rumor there was going to be an Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (seriously, how many of these will UD be able to crank out? How many variations of neutrals are there??), and if I hadn’t gone on the website to dig around I wouldn’t know this rumor is in fact TRUE.

Also, this could fit into the category of research since my main character is a YouTube makeup guru.

Unfortunately, this tends to result in my tweeting to Sephora about my purchases.





6. Catching up on my TMZ news.


This may be the most dangerous one of all. I tell myself I’m only reading one article about one celebrity and before i know it I’ve spent hours on the internet reading the same version of one story via six different outlets (well, maybe Perez Hilton will have a quote from a different, more reliable source…or hey, Just Jared could have a whole other spin!) It’s just good sense to thoroughly research your celeb news, even if it can take a huge chunk out of a perfectly good writing day.

Some examples of stories that have resulted in me wasting an entire day are: 1) Zac Efron busting his jaw in a freak accident. 2) the Jonas Brothers breaking up. 3) everything Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have ever done. 4) any interesting celebrity factoid that may enrich my life, like this doozy:


Immersing myself in this online gossip tends to lead to back to #4, and this is when I start tweeting to celebrities. Usually things like: “WHY DOES THE MEDIA HATE YOU SO, LINDSAY?!”

And getting responses like this one:





And telling them I think they look great in their selfie.




7. Running around, squealing that an A-list celebrity has acknowledged my existence.




8. Watching Hanson concert clips on YouTube.

okay, I take back my previous statement: THIS is the most dangerous one of all for me.



And I really don’t have an excuse for it. One live performance quickly becomes seventeen and before I know it I’m sucked into the endless Hanson YouTube abyss.



No, Tay. The only thing stopping me is your band’s ridiculous talent distracting me from writing.

I can’t help it. Just try not to be hypnotized. JUST TRY.



I’ve recently taken the necessary steps to ban myself from looking up Hanson while I revise.


9. Watching endless YouTube Makeup Tutorials.

Now, this IS research, since, as I said, my MC is a YouTube guru.




10. Blogging about procrastination.



How do YOU procrastinate?? Let’s all help each other put something off, together!