The Ampersand Club & Summer Goals

I have a few summer goals.

1. I want to properly display my ampersands!

Yes, I have joined the cool writers’ club and I am the proud owner of ampersands.

Like most writers, I have loved the adorable symbol ever since I was little and thought it was a delicious looking pretzle. I first learned what they were on Wheel of Fortune (yes, back in the day they used to have an ampersand that Vanna revealed before the round began. Now, the word a-n-d is always a part of the puzzle, earning the contestant more money. #Wheelfacts).

Anyway. Here are my ampersands!




The second one is a an ampersand made up entirely of ampersands.

I love them!

2. I would very much like to write outside in the warm, fresh air. I could also stand to gain a little color.

I’m not saying I’m pale. I’m just saying Edward Cullen would probably be like “girl, get some sun.”


I was looking through my TBR the other day and FREAKED when I realized so many new books are out, or have been out for a few weeks! SO many new and pretty books.

I mean, it just doesn’t get better.

Happy 4th of July to my American blogger friends!! And to everyone overall, happy summer!! What are everyone’s plans this weekend??