The Coolest Thing That Hardly Ever Happens

Just to update everyone on that pumpkin pasta recipe I made on Thanksgiving and was VERY worried about. IT WAS AMAZING. The pumpkin was super mild and the overall effect was a creamy, delicious, warm and cozy dish. There was a terrifying period where it all just looked like soup with linguine floating in it, but then it all came together! I wish I remembered to take a pic but here’s a screen grab from Ingrid’s video:

I’m aware this looks like every pasta you’ve ever eaten, but I promise in person it was prettier; it had a nice blush of orange to it. Also, I had about five times that amount on my plate.

Anyway, with the holidays came some down time. Over Thanksgiving weekend I took some time to indulge in my favorite American pasttime: TV watching. And something pretty crazy happened.

I saw an episode I’ve never seen before of one of my all time favorite shows.

As a TV addict, coming across an unseen episode of a fav show is a magical, serene moment filled with awe, much like how a bird watcher must feel upon spotting a rare beauty.


This actually has happened before. If I love a show but don’t own the DVDs I find there are usually one or two unseen/not-often aired eps. In this case it was a Thanksgiving themed episode of The King of Queens.

I spent the entire thirty minutes alternating between shouting “I CAN’T BELIEVE I NEVER SAW THIS ONE. I AM SO EXCITED. I CAN’T BREATHE.” and reminding myself to stay quiet and watch, since, you know, I never saw it before and I’d like to enjoy the episode.

It reminds me of thinking you unwrapped every birthday present but then finding one hidden behind a lamp or something.

When I was little I would experience this with books too. I’d read a whole series, but then randomly discover there were three or four I’d missed. Going to the bookstore and stumbling on a Nancy Drew or a Babysitters Club adventure I’d missed out on always felt like hitting the reading jackpot.

Has this ever happened to you???