The Liebster Award!

A bonus second blog this week 🙂  I love these kinds of tags, so here we go!

There are a few rules for accepting the Liebster Award, they are: thank your nominator and link back to their website, answer your nominator’s questions, leave 11 facts about yourself, nominate 5 or more blogs with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions to answer.
I was nominated by Michael, aka Mooky, aka an awesome blogger and fellow QTer. Thanks so much, Mooky!

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  1. Do you have a regular writing goal? If so, what is it? (Words or hours per day or week? Anything else?)

    A thousand words a day when I have a WIP going (which is almost always). I try not to worry about the quality of those words when I’m first drafting. Once I’m in the revising stages I try to get at least 10 pages a day revised.

  2. How far ahead do you plan or plot and how? (Seat of the pants? Detailed outline? Somewhere between?)

    I’m a hard-core pantser. I really want to try plotting because it sounds like it makes revising a little easier.

  3. Describe your most important writing relationship (A beta? CP? Your sister or mom, who reads your stuff? A spouse who’s brutally honest?)

    I have some betas, and my parents and brother read it (my mom can be more honest because she reads YA too!) but I think my agent is the most important. She always pin-points exactly what I need pin-pointed.

  4. When did you start writing fiction and how long have you been doing it?

    As long as I can remember. I think around second grade when I started learning how to string sentences together. But seriously realized it’s something I wanted to do when I was a sophomore in high school, when my English teacher told me he knew he’d walk into a bookstore someday and find my book.

  5. What are the last three books you read?

    STAY by Allie Larkin, TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE by Jenny Han, and THE ONE by Kiera Cass

  6. What was your favorite book from childhood?

    THE MYSTERY AT LILAC INN, a Nancy Drew book. Read that one about fifty times, no joke! And I always got so nervous she wouldn’t get off the boat (spoiler alert: she always did)

  7. What is your biggest weakness as a writer?

    I tend to make some back characters too “cartoonish” or one-dimensional. It takes me a while to fully develop those secondary characters.

  8. What is your greatest strength as a writer?

    I really like my dialogue, and I think I’m pretty good at giving each character their own unique trait.

  9. What’s the best line you’ve written?

    this is tough because lines don’t make much sense out of context. My all time favorite comes at the end of the book, so I’ll hold off on posting it since it reveals what happens, but here’s a close second…but first the setup:

    The love interest in my novel is a rock star who’s spent his life answering ridiculous questions from the press, so, as a result, he doesn’t ask questions. Ever. He doesn’t avoid asking them intentionally, he just doesn’t feel the need to question things. At one point, he’s taking my MC someplace, but it’s a surprise and he tells her to keep guessing where they’re going till she figures it out, so she thinks to herself:

    I can’t believe it. I’m playing Twenty Questions with the boy who has never asked one

    Again, out of context it isn’t a big deal but I like it.

  10. What are some of the most embarrassing things someone else has pointed out to you in your writing? (List your face/palm moments here)

    Oh boy. I’ve had a few disastrous homonym moments. My worst? “run the gamete” when I, of course, meant “gamut” (kill me now) and the horrible part is that I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, my brain just got fried.

  11. If you could choose between writing a great novel that stood the test of time (but didn’t return significant financial gain during your lifetime) or making a boatload of money on a novel that would soon be forgotten, which would you choose and why?

    absolutely one that stands the test of time, because I want to write characters and stories that stick with people forever. Though I hope it’d earn me enough to eat, like, a PB&J or something.


1. I can wiggle my ears. Both at once, and one at a time. And when I move my right ear it goes more up than back, and my right eyebrow goes up with it. Which means when I try to give someone a skeptical look, my ear has to move for that to happen.

2. I was 13 for my first concert (No Doubt) and I’d rather be at a concert than most places…I think they’re addicting, and I’ll take a good concert over a Broadway show or a movie or a sporting event any day.

3. If I wasn’t a writer, I’d probably be a good detective, because I love observing people and situations.

4. I’ve been getting my hair cut by the same person for over ten years.

5. I had the chance to meet Macaulay Culkin (my very first crush!) at the Conan wrap party. I helped work coat check before the party started, so I took his and his brother’s coats and gave Macaulay his wristband. It was surreal and weird and awesome all at once. Also kind of sad, since he clearly has some issues. (side note: honestly, not a single person knew what on earth he and his bro were doing there. Apparently, they just felt like going, so they went.)

6. I swam with dolphins in Hawaii.

7. I don’t know how to ride a bike.

8. I watch a lot of TV. A lotttt. I love TV and for a long while I thought I wanted to be a TV comedy writer.

9. In 7th grade home ec, we were practicing sewing buttons and I somehow managed to sew the swatch with the button onto my jeans. I tied my jacket around my waist for the remainder of the day and no one noticed.

10. Even though my book is about a YouTube makeup guru, I actually hated makeup up until a few years ago. And even though I love it now, I don’t wear it often.

11. On a trip to Maui when I was 13, my Hanson “Middle of Nowhere” CD broke. I think my parents spent an entire day driving us around the island searching for a record store that sold it, and all we found was a cassette tape. It was an interesting way to actually see the island, I guess…(and hey, I still have the cassette somewhere so it wasn’t a total waste).



1. How do you come up with character names?

2. Do you have a special place you have to write, or can you write anywhere?

3. Have you ever been to a writing conference, if so which one(s) and what did you think? If not would you like to go to one someday?

4. Which book do you wish you wrote yourself?

5. Most underrated book?

6. Most overrated book?

7. What’s your all time favorite word?

8. Be honest: do you ever practice your autograph for future book signings???

9. What cures writer’s block for you?

10. Who’s your favorite book boyfriend/girlfriend?

11. Not writing related: What’s your favorite food??

I’ll take a page out of Mooky’s book, (pun intended), and I won’t tag anyone personally, so if you’d like to do this tag just let me know in the comments and I’ll “nominate” you, then go ahead and do it on your own blog 🙂  if not, no worries, I got to post a bonus blog for the week and hopefully you learned some new and embarrassing things about me!