Throwback Thursday: Conan Edition

Since my book, The Intern Diaries, is about a makeup guru who winds up falling for a late night talk show internship, I thought it would be fun to do some Throwback Thursday intern related posts on the blog.

The Late Night dry erase board:


It’s pretty self-explanatory. The main purpose was so we could, at a glance, know who and what was going on for the week. The sketches changed every twelve seconds or so, so it helped to have a quick way to erase and re-write and shift stuff around

Fun fact about this picture: The last week at Late Night, everyone was an emotional, excited, buzzing mess. Staffers and interns were walking around taking pictures of everyone and everything. I got caught up and posted all of my pictures one night mid week, forgetting that the final guests were top secret. I had the picture on my Facebook for about an hour before I realized I was revealing classified info.

Luckily no one pays interns much attention, and no harm was done. But when I remember the fear I felt that entire night, and the lack of sleep I got until I knew for sure my intern coordinator wouldn’t be upset, it still freaks me out. As much as I loved my time there, sometimes I remember those fearful moments, all those mini ulcers I got over such ridiculous things, and I’m glad I’m not working in TV anymore.

At the very end of the board was a narrow little area sectioned off for us kids to post silly pictures and drawings, and goofy private jokes. We were allowed to call dibs on a ton of stuff around the office when the show ended, and I really wanted the header magnet for the intern board. Thankfully, my amazing boss kept it hidden away for me and I was able to take it home for my collection.