Unwinding as an Author

One of the strangest things I’m finding being an author-type-person is that there are times you’re close to things you want and you have to just kind of stay calm and relaxed while you wait.

Now, I’m not particularly amazing at unwinding, but here are my semi-foolproof methods:

I enjoy the odd singing competition show.


American Idol and The Voice are my favorites, because I can get caught up in the career fates of the contestants, and forget my own for a while.

I also enjoy classic sitcoms. Now, this is something that always, ALWAYS makes me happy. Particularly epic crossover moments like that one time Uncle Jesse taught Urkel how to walk while Danny looked on in bemusement.

or that time Urkel invented a dance that swept the nation for, like, an entire summer, and everyone did “The Urkel” at bar/bat mitzvahs. Or just anywhere they felt the desire to break into the dance.

(Fact: I still remember this dance, and the words to the song, yet if you were to present me with a basic, elementary school level math question it would take me a few days to get back to you.)

But my all time favorite way to stay calm and relaxed is to read. The problem is, when the thing you want as an author is to see your book published…well…

you get the idea…

However, last week THE ONE came out, the final book in THE SELECTION series. This is a series I heard about first from Carrie’s blog before I was a client, but didn’t get around to reading until December. It is, hands down, the best. series. ever.

I’m currently in that dilemma of wanting to fly through it to know what happens NOW NOW NOW, but also trying to savor every word on every page.

Just look at this cover!


It’s impossible not to get completely absorbed and swept away in the story, the beautiful dresses and, of course, Prince Maxon. I’m going to have to pick up the pace though. I need to know the life America Singer will choose for herself, without stumbling upon any of those pesky internet spoilers.

Since I ordered from B&N I also got the autographed copy, a deleted scene, and a double-sided poster (obsessed much?)



Do you have trouble reading certain books as an author? Or does it help you relax??