Winter Pink and Gothic Summers

Beauty gurus are always talking about the next trend while we’re still in the midst of the last one. Just when everyone’s finished up going broke on feather extensions it’s on to ombre hair. (I only hope the feather extensions don’t become something fashion decides to revisit–I could never get on board with it. I’d always think a spider was crawling up my arm).

I can appreciate why YouTubers always wants to get buzz going for a new trend though–life would be boring without something new to look forward to.

It’s the rules I have trouble with. Like, coral always equals spring, and hunter greens are only ever associated with fall.

Then there’s me, who wears turquoise blue nail polish year round and flips flops as long as I can get away with it (usually Thanksgiving).

I also think the new trend should be mixing it up and doing whatever you want. Besides, we waited long enough and the “No White After Labor Day” thing seems to have gone away, and now there’s a little something called “Winter White.” I think more people do what they want nowadays regardless of beauty rules and regulations.

Should we tailor our look to the season, or do you have no problem with a black pedicure on the beach?