Word Count Versus Making Words Count (AND THE BLITZ!)

FIRST UP! I have to say how shocked and happy I was to get blitzed!!!! My blog was SUPER FESTIVE on Tuesday when so many awesome people from the blogging community came by to say hello and share their thoughts on genre change and switching things up as an author. It made my whole week!! 🙂  huge thanks to DL Hammons for organizing these blitzes for the blogging community, and to everyone who came by!!

now let’s get into today’s blog 🙂

I’m not “officially” NaNo-ing–just applying the basic principle to help me get through my WIP. But I’m still feeling it.

With so many of us plowing through this month and (hopefully) knocking out words like a prize fighter, I’m discovering something about myself as a writer: I wish I could draft and revise all at once.

I wish my brain could somehow deliver well-developed ideas through my fingertips smoothly onto my Word doc. I hate that the words are such a disaster for so long before it becomes something. As I draft, all I can think about is revising.

But then on the other end of the spectrum there’s an immense satisfaction that comes with throwing down words, no matter how disastrous, and working through all the difficult sections and plot points. I also LOVE seeing a character develop right before my eyes and become a real person. So maybe drafting isn’t so bad.

I’m just not sure how to feel about it.

Overall, even though I love beginning a fresh idea, I think I prefer revisions to drafting. As much as I enjoy setting word count goals and watching them rise, I still prefer making my words count.

How about you?? Do you prefer drafting or revising?? And if you’re doing NaNo, it’s now mid November! Are you getting more energized as the month is going on or are you tired of it all??

^^^ I’m lucky to have a Penny to tell me when to stop and take a break!!!!