Writerly Support

We all have that one person (or in some cases, multiple people) that doesn’t “get” what we do. We talk about the authorly things we love with so much pride. Because we love it. And the questions pour in:

Are you rich? Where can I buy your book? Why does it take so long to be published? Why do you bother if there’s no guarantee it will sell?

And you’re like

And they’re still like

And then we start obsessing over why we do this to ourselves. The writing. The excitement. The querying. The rejections. The acceptance. The submission. The rejections. The high hopes that are dashed. The excitement of an offer. The WAITING. For the cover. The book release. The sales reports.

I think that’s why I love the writing community so much. WE GET IT. Most importantly, WE LOVE WRITING.

So if you have ten people rooting for you, does the one naysayer drive you crazy?? How do you handle it?