Writing Update and Gotcha Day!

My MS is coming along well! The break really helped and now I’m revising scenes. It’s funny to think back when I first learned about revision and would change minor things. Now I know it means REWRITES: scrapping scenes, dropping characters to create better ones, and taking the whole thing up a notch! You can’t create great moments until you’re willing to let go of the drafty stuff.

(I know this quote was meant for life, but I think it also applies to manuscripts).

In other news, Tuesday is Penny’s “Gotcha Day” ! I only learned recently that Gotcha Day is a big celebration for those who’ve adopted kids or pets, since it’s the day they officially became part of the family.

I adopted Penny from the local animal shelter on August 11th, 2014, just a few days after my beautiful Pudding passed away </3 Penny has helped heal me so much.

Here’s a pic from the first morning I had her (look at that face!) and now!


How has your summer been going?? And your writing??